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Aligning Opportunities Report

A resource to aid in addressing the demand and supply imbalance in the region’s workforce.

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Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio

The Aligning Opportunities report identifies the supply and demand misalignment within Northeast Ohio’s talent pipeline, specifically within the in-demand, high-growth fields of health care, IT and manufacturing.

Since 2019, Team NEO has partnered with Delta Dental to increase awareness of Aligning Opportunities among the business and higher education communities. We engage key decision-makers in meaningful discussions about resolving the talent supply and equity gap, and providing students with greater awareness of, and access to, in-demand careers.

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What's New in the 2020 Report?

  1. A deeper look at equity as it relates to labor force opportunities
  2. An updated snapshot of the talent supply and demand mismatch
  3. Fresh insights into emerging high potential careers
  4. New case studies illustrating how Aligning Opportunities is being used around the region
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Misaligned Opportunities 2020 Report Spread

Misaligned Opportunities

A new addition to Team NEO’s annual Aligning Opportunities report, Misaligned Opportunities examines how racial inequities are influencing skills gaps in Northeast Ohio.

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Aligning Opportunities Around the Region

“The Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority uses the research and data presented in Aligning Opportunities reports to work closely with our education community to raise awareness of current and future workforces needs and develop strategies to meet those needs. Attracting talent and developing future workforce capacity is critical to Lake County’s ability to continue to grow its economy.”

Mark Rantala, Executive Director, Lake County Ohio Port & Economic Development Authority


“College Now has used the annual Aligning Opportunities report as the backbone for the creation and implementation of the MAP database, a clearinghouse of training and education programs, and its efforts to better connect students and adults to the educational pathways that will lead to in-demand careers. Now, using MAP, all direct service providers can better assist their clients in finding and getting on the right path that will lead them to the best career opportunities.”

Julie Szeltner, Senior Director of Adult Programs, College Now