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Smart Manufacturing Innovation Cluster

With a robust digital infrastructure, premier research institutions, and educational and workforce development options, Northeast Ohio is an ideal location for companies focused on smart manufacturing. Find out how to connect with the industrial internet of things (IIoT) innovation resources below.

Smart Manufacturing Cluster of Northeast Ohio

To remain competitive in a global economy, innovation will become increasingly important to how we manufacture, including the products we produce and the processes we employ. The industrial internet of things offers an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and improve the growth trajectory of your Ohio manufacturing company.

Smart Manufacturing IIoT Roadmap

IIoT could have an economic impact of $4 to $13 billion in Northeast Ohio by 2025

Based on calculations utilizing McKinsey Global Institute Data and Accenture estimates, IIoT’s application in a factory setting such as IIoT in the manufacturing sector has the potential to grow our region’s economic impact beyond the current projection of $49 billion to as high as $62 billion by 2025.

See why IIoT is a game-changer for Northeast Ohio and your business

Global competitors are taking action against this game-changing technology.
IIoT can improve:

  • Operating efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Product quality
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory control
  • Occupation/worker safety

In November 2018, Team NEO, with the help of its Working Group, completed a Smart Manufacturing IIoT Roadmap for Northeast Ohio to identify the opportunity, impact and path forward for implementation of IIoT in Northeast Ohio.

Download the Roadmap

Smart Manufacturing IIoT Readiness Assessment

Where is your company on the industrial internet of things journey?

The IIoT Readiness Assessment was developed as a tool to help your company evaluate its digital maturity and readiness for IIoT implementation.

The focus of the assessment is on key readiness indicators, including:

  • Level of engagement
  • Organizational support
  • Potential uses for IIoT
  • Workforce readiness
  • Digital maturity

All survey responses are confidential, complimentary and returned to those surveyed to provide a high-level assessment of your organization’s readiness to adopt IIoT solutions, and how your readiness compares to the overall manufacturing industry in Northeast Ohio.

Take Assessment

Getting Involved in the Cluster

The Smart Manufacturing Cluster hosts quarterly events, each session designed to provide unique networking opportunities and access to industry experts. Reach out to Erica below to learn more and get involved in Ohio’s innovation cluster.

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