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Northeast Ohio Economic Development Climate

Learn about the Northeast Ohio region—an 18-county area with a $238 billion economy, 4 million residents and 2 million workers.

Regional Data

Explore the region’s quarterly employment data and economic reports by sector and county profiles below for in-depth research on NEO regional economic development.

Quarterly Economic & Employment Data Reports

Each quarter, Team NEO publishes the Quarterly Economic Review (QER) to provide a holistic picture of what is and is not working across Northeast Ohio’s regional economy, representing the 15th largest market in the United States. It is the only regular source of collective economic data and insights for the 18-county region. View the links below to find our most recent reports.

Technology Driving the Future of Manufacturing

October 2021

The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) and Team NEO collaborated to report on the Northeast Ohio Region’s manufacturing industry, including the state of manufacturing today, projections through 2025 and steps the ecosystem is taking to help expand the use of innovation industry 4.0 technologies to make our region a global leader.


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Post-Pandemic Economic Projections

As of March 2021

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect economies around the world, Team NEO has analyzed March 2021 data from Moody’s Analytics to project how the Northeast Ohio Region and its industry sectors are likely to be impacted.


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Construction Pre- and Post-Pandemic

March 2021

Team NEO’s March 2021 Quarterly Economic Review explores the construction industry, including trends for the decade 2009 – 2019 as well as projections post-pandemic through 2025.

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Labor Market Continues to Hold Opportunity for Northeast Ohio Workers

December 2020

Team NEO’s December 2020 Quarterly Economic Review takes a look at the state of job postings during the pandemic, with a focus on health care needs and opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

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Information Technology Strength Through Recessions

August 2020

Team NEO’s August 2020 Quarterly Economic Review takes a look at which sectors held steady or grew in Northeast Ohio during the early 2000s recession and the Great Recession. What these sectors have in common is their reliance on information technology services; they employ a substantial percentage of our region’s computer and math experts.

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Team NEO QER June 2020

Northeast Ohio Economic Projections Post COVID-19

June 2020

Team NEO’s June 2020 Quarterly Economic Review takes a look at the potential performance of the Northeast Ohio economy through 2025. Calculating projections based on the June annualized national and local projections of employment and gross domestic product (GDP) from Moody’s Analytics.

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Team NEO Manufacturing QER Cover Image

Technology and Productivity Advance Manufacturing

February 2020

In this report, Team NEO showcases the influence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), additive manufacturing and other new technologies on the rapidly changing face of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.

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Northeast Ohio Health Care Industry Quarterly Economic Review Cover

Northeast Ohio’s $22 Billion Health Care Industry

December 2019

Northeast Ohio has shown steady growth in health care sector GDP and employment over the past two decades. This report takes a deep dive into employment growth over time, as well as top health care occupations and recent health care-related development activity, plus year-over-year economic trends for Northeast Ohio.

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Report on Northeast Ohio since the great recession

Northeast Ohio Since the Great Recession

September 2019

Northeast Ohio’s regional economy has steadily added jobs, increased productivity and become more diversified since the Great Recession. This report examines the progress made since the Great Recession and indicates this diversification is key to the region’s resilience in future downturns.

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Report on Northeast Ohio Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

June 2019

Food and beverage manufacturing gross regional product (GRP) grew 85 percent in Northeast Ohio (NEO) from 2007 to 2018, compared with national growth of 46 percent. This growth is being fueled by technological advances, including the internet of things (IoT), which is a major economic driver in the region.

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Report on Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Momentum

Manufacturing Momentum

February 2019

The $41 billion manufacturing industry makes up 20 percent of the gross regional product (GRP) and subsectors of manufacturing, such as food and computer-and-electronic product manufacturing, are diversifying. More than 21,000 annual job openings are projected each year through 2023.

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Report on Northeast Ohio occupations

Northeast Ohio Occupations

December 2018

Northeast Ohio is projected to add 20,700 jobs across all occupations over the next five years, including 8,500 new healthcare openings for practitioners, and technical and healthcare support personnel.

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