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Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio

A resource to aid in addressing the demand and supply imbalance in the region’s workforce.

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Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio

Aligning Opportunities Executive Summary

Our region has talent, but does it align with the in-demand jobs?

Northeast Ohio offers outstanding job and career opportunities. The challenge for our workforce, employers and economy, however, is that these opportunities don’t necessarily align with the knowledge and skill sets of our current talent pool. Jobs in growing, high-potential industries, many offering family-sustaining wages, often sit vacant due to the limited number of qualified, credentialed candidates.

The Aligning Opportunities 2019 Report Executive Summary gives a close look at labor force trends, job demand, talent supply, and their alignment.

Team NEO's Research Department

We have invested in a full-service research department so that we can provide research and data that not only helps our partners and customers but also helps us tell the regional economic story.

Our research department provides data and information that helps make the case for Northeast Ohio – in areas such as workforce, supply chain, cluster analysis and cost/quality indicators. Information that location decision-makers need and want quickly. It is this fact-based analysis that often “makes the case” and helps businesses understand why they should expand in Northeast Ohio. The information and support services that we provide would be difficult or cost-prohibitive for individual businesses and economic development organizations to duplicate.

Job Demand Report

Team NEO has created a Job Demand report which contains job demand calculations measured by job postings. This report can be utilized by county economic development organizations when creating workforce strategies. The job demand report can also be used by local community colleges and trade schools when creating a curriculum for Northeast Ohio residents to better understand what occupations offer the greatest opportunity.

Please contact Sydney Martis if you’re interested in a Job Demand Report for your county.

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Sydney Martis

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