Advanced Manufacturing

Northeast Ohio has all the assets you need to develop, produce, and deliver products and services. A diverse talent pool of nearly 2 million workers, a deep and diverse supply chain, exceptional market access and our rich manufacturing legacy help make your innovations more profitable.

Regional Innovation Clusters

Team NEO helps bring innovation to life with cluster groups that leverage our region’s unique assets and strengths. Focused on smart manufacturing and additive manufacturing, these clusters connect companies, and academic and research institutions, with opportunities to collaborate around new technologies that build on the region’s industrial, organizational and workforce strengths.


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Aerospace and Aviation

Ohio is the birthplace of aviation. Today, it is the top supplier globally to the two largest aviation manufacturers: Airbus and Boeing. Since World War I, when Northeast Ohio became a major player in producing aircraft engine parts, our region has been integral to aerospace-related industries.

Today, aerospace and aviation represent a $3.2 billion cluster in the Northeast Ohio region, which has become a major hub for aerospace component design, engineering and production.

Aerospace and aviation businesses that locate in Northeast Ohio are supported by R&D, education and training resources, including the NASA Glenn Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute, and join a network of thousands of aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.


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Ohio is the second-largest automotive state in the United States, housing a complete end-to-end automotive supply chain. Our state serves as a leading producer and supplier of key automotive components and raw materials for the North American automotive industry, making us an ideal location to grow and expand your automotive operations.

Automotive Fast Facts:

  • Ohio is the second-largest automotive state in the United States, housing a complete end-to-end automotive supply chain.
  • Ohio is a leading producer and supplier of key automotive components and raw materials for the North American automotive industry.
  • Northeast Ohio is home to a talented pool of more than 2 million workers, including more than 26,000 trained automotive workers in the motor vehicles, parts and body manufacturing sectors.


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The rapid growth of the biohealth industry in the Northeast Ohio region is fueled by innovative regional collaborations, a diverse range of sources for funding companies, and major biomedical real estate projects, including the Global Center for Health Innovation.

More than $2.3 billion has been invested in 400+ Northeast Ohio startups since 2003. That investment, coupled with access to world-class facilities and personnel, make this region a hotbed for innovation and invention. Companies are able to succeed in Northeast Ohio because the market offers greater efficiencies and provides increased speed to development, increased speed to commercialization, and therefore, increased speed to market.

Beyond that, what makes Northeast Ohio one of the most predominant biomedical centers in the nation is the ability to take an idea from “bench to bedside” in one market. The resources are here – from research to manufacturing to access to the patient population, the Northeast Ohio region offers unequaled opportunities to any company at any stage in the biomedical industry.


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Food Processing

Northeast Ohio is home to a thriving cluster of more than 370 food processing and manufacturing establishments that provide food and beverage products to consumers worldwide, including PepsiCo, H.J. Heinz, Nestlé USA, J.M. Smucker and Pillsbury.

A trained talent pool of nearly 22,000 food manufacturing and production workers, easy access to raw materials and suppliers, and an abundant supply of freshwater from Lake Erie make the Northeast Ohio region the location of choice for food processing businesses. This is evident by the increased investments of notable companies such as Daisy Brand, Pepperidge Farm, Shearer’s and Nestlé to name just a few  in the region in the last few years.


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Headquarters and Professional Services

The Northeast Ohio region has the second-heaviest concentration of headquarters employment among the 20 largest metros in the U.S., with 68% more than the U.S. average. Proportionately, the region outpaces much larger markets, including Chicago, Atlanta and New York.

These headquarters locations are supported by a world-class professional services cluster of leading financial, legal and insurance firms. Successful businesses need the support of top-tier professional services, such as accounting, legal and marketing.


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Information Technology

Our region’s family of notable tech companies includes OnBase by Hyland, TMW Systems, TOA Technologies, Turning Technologies, Overdrive, Knotice, MRI, Virtual Hold, Snap-On, Brand Muscle and MCPc.

Tech companies cite numerous advantages to doing business in Northeast Ohio. Our rich and diverse customer base, strong talent pipeline, low cost of doing business and fantastic quality of life are among the factors that allow tech to flourish.

Additionally, the region has a notable support infrastructure that encourages innovation and helps connect companies to early-stage capital. Organizations such as the Northeast Ohio Software Association advocate for the industry and work to attract more talent to the Northeast Ohio region. The Youngstown Business Incubator, with its unique focus on tech start-ups, was recently named one of the top 25 incubators in the world.


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Metal Production and Fabrication

Ohio is a leading state for metal production and fabrication. Why so? For one, Ohio’s manufacturing efficiency is boosted by the large shale and natural gas energy supply located in the Northeastern part of the state.

Additionally, the Northeast Ohio region is an ideal environment for metal production and fabrication companies. Ohio offers an exceptional distribution infrastructure, a relatively low cost of doing business and a talented, dedicated workforce of more than 106,000 individuals trained in metal production and fabrication.

With more than 2,300 establishments – AK Steel, Diebold, Parker Hannifin, Swagelok and Timken, to name a few – representing every link in the supply chain, Northeast Ohio offers limitless opportunities to create partnerships that can help your business thrive.


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Oil and Gas

The Northeast Ohio region is ideally situated near large oil and gas deposits in the Marcellus and Utica Point Pleasant Shale formations. The proximity to lucrative natural gas liquids (NGLs) in these formations, coupled with the strength of the region’s supply chain and outstanding access to customers, makes Ohio — particularly Northeast Ohio — an ideal location for growth-oriented oil-and-gas-related businesses.

As a state, Ohio produces more than 4.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, which is 7 times the output produced in 2014. From 2011 – 2016, approximately $51 billion has been invested in building out Ohio’s shale value chain.

As a result, both job growth and investments continue to gain momentum as domestic and global demand for natural gas, NGLs and other end products continue to rise. Ohio’s shale and petrochemical production is driving investment and helping other industries grow.


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Polymers and Materials

Home to nearly 1,000 polymer and materials companies, the Northeast Ohio region is an ideal environment for chemical, plastics and polymer operations. The steady growth of Northeast Ohio’s polymer, chemical and plastics products cluster is taking on positive new momentum as companies discover the advantages of establishing their operations near the Utica and Marcellus Shale play. In short, high concentrations of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) in Northeast Ohio provide an abundant supply of low-cost feedstock.

The region’s strength across the entire value chain – from extraction to processing and manufacturing to distribution – is clear, as polymer and materials companies benefit from access to markets, customers, innovation and a skilled, knowledgeable workforce. Businesses have all the resources they need to thrive in their established markets and expand into new ones.


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